Portfolio & Rates

Portfolio and rates

I specialise in watercolour and realism; both colour and black and grey.

I love tattooing portraits of animals and celebrities,  so these kinds of bookings are always welcome! I regularly share examples of these and other recent work on my Instagram feed; feel free give me a follow!

I’m currently £80 per hour or £400 for a day session consisting of 5 hours. The cost of design is included in this although it isn’t available to view before the day of the appointment. I do however price some tattoos by the piece rather than hourly.

I tend to book 3-4 months in advance. I am not currently taking bookings as I’m fully booked. Sign up to my mailing list for updates on when my books open again.

Latest Instagram posts…

This is where I post my most recent pieces and it gets updated daily. So if you’re keen to see what I’m up to, why not give me a follow!?

Tigers & cats

Tigers and other big cats are a popular choice and I love tattooing them. Here are a selection that I’ve done.

Black & Grey.

Everything else.