P.M.A and Pushing Yourself

PMA- positive mental attitude. It’s important in every aspect of life, not just work. Without it you’ll never appreciate how well you’re doing or how far you’ve come.

Starting out any new endeavour is exciting in the beginning. Your head is filled with prospects and ideas and it’s easy to find motivation and drive. But what about when that wears off and real life starts setting in? That’s when a strong, positive mind-set is essential.

This past year hasn’t been the easiest for me, mentally, and my work has taken a beating because of it. I found myself not caring about the implications of my actions (which isn’t me at all!) and had very little motivation to carry out even the most basic of everyday tasks. So I’ve experienced first hand how your outlook and attitude can seriously affect your wellbeing.


In work particularly, it’s so easy to feel daunted and overwhelmed by the “competition”. It’s also easy to see this as a negative and dwell on it. But in truth, there’s no need. By recognising that other people are doing well, it pushes you to do better and make progress – which is a positive thing.

When you feel like you’re not making progress and improving as much as you’d hoped, it can take it’s toll on your mind-set. Feeling stale and stagnant is horrible, but there are ways to help lighten this feeling. Taking some time out for you and easing the pressure off yourself can help you have a more refreshed outlook when you come back to your work. Likewise, continuing to practice and not giving into feelings of doubt will stand you in good stead as well as helping you see your work improve.

Sometimes feelings of negativity and staleness can come when you’ve been comfortable in what you’re doing for too long. Pushing yourself to do more and come out of your comfort zone is a big step towards progress and improving your skill set. Its always scary doing something new for the first time but just think of your future self and how grateful they’ll be that you took that leap of faith!

It’s easy to focus on the negatives sometimes when it seems like that’s all you’re getting. But without hard times we wouldn’t appreciate the good. It’s at those times that you need to look a little closer and realise what you have got, what you have achieved and how you will go on to do more. With every negative outlook there is a positive spin you can put on it, and it’s important to try and see that sometimes. You can do it!

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