Available Designs

Most of my available designs are shared on my Instagram page and are also featured in the “highlights” tab there. Here are a select few I’d love to do.

Price is dependent on size and location on the body.

Blue Heart Swallows

Recommended Size: 12cm x 12cm

Recommended Location: Leg, Upper arm, Chest, Back.

Jungle Tiger

Recommended size: Minimum 20cm tall

Recommended location: Leg, Forearm, Upper arm.

Butterfly and Flowers

Recommended size: 25cm tall

Recommended location: Lower Leg, Arm, Thigh

Pink & purple butterfly

Recommended size: minimum 20cm

Recommended location: Arm, Leg, Back,

B&G Skull Rose

Recommended size: minimum 10cm

Recommended location: thigh, upper arm, back, calf.

Skull Sand timer

Recommended Size: 15cm tall

Recommended Location: Leg, Upper arm.

Skull Rose

Recommended size: minimum 10cm tall

Recommended location: thigh, calf, forearm, upper arm, back.

Pink Potion Moth

Recommended size: 12cm tall

Recommended location: Thigh, Calf, Arm.

Watercolour Rose

Recommended size: 10cm

Recommended location: Arm, leg, back.