When is the best time to get tattooed?

A lot of people may think that when the sun is shining and limbs are showing, that’s the best time to get tattooed and show off your new adornment. In fact the opposite is true. In my opinion Autumn/ winter is the best time to get tattooed, and here’s why.

Firstly, winter is cancellation season for many tattoo artists meaning that there will be a lot more availability, especially short notice availability. As a result of this you may not have to wait potentially months to be able to get new art from your favourite artists. Some artists also offer discounts to clients able to fill last minute spaces.

The main factor for autumn/ winter being the best time to get tattooed is because temperatures start getting cooler. It’s so much easier to heal a tattoo when its cooler outside that when it’s all sticky and hot. When healing a tattoo a lot of the time you have to keep it wrapped in cling film for a few days while it’s still juicy. When the weather is warmer, having a limb wrapped up in cling film can cause irritation and sweating. This means you have to work harder to keep it fresh and clean.

In the summer also, people are exposed to the sun and don’t always use sun block. This then damages the tattoo and can cause the ink to fade or scab heavily if you’re in the early stages of healing. Heavy scabbing can pull the ink out and leave you with less than you left the shop with. Even prior to being tattooed, having sunburnt skin means we’re unable to tattoo you. Why would you want to be tattooed on already painful skin anyway?

Going into the sea or swimming is a popular activity during the summer, but having a fresh tattoo means that you can’t submerge yourself for at least two weeks. You need to think of your new tattoo as an open wound. You don’t want to risk getting it irritated or at worst infected.

It all comes down to common sense in the end and wanting to get the best for your money. Prior preparation and good aftercare are major factors in making sure you get just that.

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