COVID-19 Update




Finally after months of nothing, we have a date of when we’re allowed to open again  – Monday 13th July.

I’m still in the process of rebooking and refining our new processes (which I will be posting about separately) so I won’t be jumping back to work straight away on Monday, but it does mean I can now start booking in new clients!

So if you’ve had your eye on something or had an idea and been patiently waiting for months, now’s the time to send me an email! (

It’ll take me a while to get through them, so please be patient, I will get back to you.

Thanks again for all your support the past few months, and always. You’re all amazing!


To comply with the governments announcement on the COVID-19 outbreak, we are closing the Black Moon Tattoos temporarily.

At this time we are unsure when we will be able to reopen, but rest assured, your deposits are safe and I’ll do my best to get people booked in again ASAP.

Providing the government’s latest objective goes to plan, we’re hoping to be open again around mid July,  but this is susceptible to change and very dependent on the results of the ease of the lockdown.

In the meantime I’ll be offering vouchers and working on some drawings and paintings too.

I’ll generally be doing the things I’ve been meaning to do for ages, but never got round to doing! Every cloud!

I’d like to thank you all for your support and understanding during this time. I’ll keep you all updated should the situation change.

Jodie xx